The Minneapolis Star Tribune posted this article about a former law school classmate, Mike Hanson.  Mike recently succeeded in traveling the Appalachian Trail solo.  The remarkably cool part, he did it while being guided by voice GPS—Mike has been blind since birth.

Mike graduated a year ahead of me and I did not know him very well personally. During that first year of school, making it through each day seemed like a daunting success.  I would regularly see Mike working in the library or walking through the halls.  He was a good reminder that I could make it through the grind. Mike was doing it and he had the extra burden of not being able to read the cases or see the professors lecture notes in the same way I did.

Now, Mike’s achieved something that only a few people achieve by traveling the Appalachian Trail.  But the best part of the story, he got a job offer to be CEO of a business start-up because of his tenacity.  Five years out of law school (six for Mike) and he’s even more inspiring.  I better get some work done!