Financial Neutral Evaluation FENE


Financial Neutral Evaluation (FENE)  is a voluntary and confidential process.  FENE is designed to help families with financial disputes who can be helped by the informed recommendations of an evaluator.

Evaluators are experienced lawyers who have received special training in the FENE process.

The process is designed to save resources and avoid litigation.  Each party presents their position to an experienced neutral evaluator who then shares his or her view of the issues with the parties and their lawyers before facilitating settlement.

FENE is a confidential process and the positions of the parties and the opinions of the evaluator are not to be used in court.  In most Minnesota district courts, the parties choose their evaluator from a roster kept by the Court.

At Bloomgren Hanson Legal, Amanda Bloomgren is trained in the process of Financial Neutral Evaluation (FENE).

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