Family Law

At Bloomgren Hanson Legal, our attorneys help clients with all aspects of divorce, custody and child support matters.  

We encourage parties, especially those with children, to focus on the impact dissolution and other family law matters have on the family.  We work to create creative and long-term workable solutions.

Divorce. There are two categories of divorce in Minnesota, both called marriage dissolution: uncontested and contested. A divorce is contested when the parties have been unable to successfully come to agreement on one or more of the issues involved such as spousal support, property division, child custody or child support. During a divorce proceeding, even in an uncontested divorce, the advice and support of a competent and devoted attorney can go a long way in facilitating a final result. Bloomgren Hanson Legal has a commitment  to work with you to make sure that you are well-informed during each step of the process which will enable you to make confident long-term decisions that protect both you and your children’s best interests.

Custody and Parenting Time. Custody and parenting time are typically the most important issues you will face in a divorce, paternity action, or modification motion. Whether you are seeking full custody, joint custody or to expand or modify your parenting time, our experienced attorneys will work to protect your rights and work to ensure that the best interests of your children are protected.

Paternity. If you have never been married to your child’s other parent, you may be considering an action to establish legal paternity and/or child support. As an unmarried parent, you may have a friendly, informal parenting arrangement with your child’s other parent. As a father, it gives you no legal standing for parenting time or custody rights. As a mother, it provides you no legal right to collect child support. Even if you live together as a family, until the court issues a declaration of paternity these rights are not established. If you wish to have these rights established, the attorneys at Bloomgren Hanson can assist you through the process.

Child Support. Minnesota law requires both parents to contribute financially to the care and well-being of their child(ren). Child support in Minnesota includes basic support payments, medical support and child care support. Minnesota has a specific set of guidelines for calculating child support. At Bloomgren Hanson Legal we recognize there are many rumors about the way  child support is calculated.  We can efficiently and effectively assist you in dispelling the myths and accurately advising you on your rights and obligations with respect to child support.

Orders for Protection/Harassment Orders: Protection orders primarily offer relief for individuals suffering from harassment and/or abuse in the home or the workplace. If you have been threatened and fear imminent harm, Bloomgren Hanson Legal can help walk you through the process of seeking a protective order. If you are the subject of an order for protection or harassment order and are seeking representation before a hearing on the matter we can also assist you in defending the claim and protecting your rights.

Surrogacy and Assisted Reproductive Technology.  Many families today participate in assisted reproductive technology (surrogacy, egg donation, embryo donation/adoption) to help bring a new children into their family.  At Bloomgren Hanson Legal we assist families with most areas related to assisted reproductive technology including preparing contracts and assisting with adoptions when necessary.  We provide services to both the families or donor parties.

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