Family Law Services

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Bloomgren Hanson Legal provides services in a variety of Family law matters.


We can assist clients with:

  • marriage Dissolution (Divorce)
  • paternity and custody/parenting time establishment
  • post decree matters (post-divorce)
    • modification of spousal maintenance
    • modification of custody
    • failure of one party to follow the terms of the judgement and decree (contempt)


At Bloomgren Hanson Legal we typically bill clients for our family law services at our hourly rate and also ask that clients cover the outside expenses of their case which include filing fees and costs for service of process.  At your first meeting with us, we discuss the parameters of your case and are able to provide you an overview of what we believe the costs for your case might be based on the facts as you have presented them. There is an understanding and expectation that as your case progresses this general estimate may change. Based upon the complexity of your case we typically ask for a retainer, which is a sum of money that is provided by you at the commencement of your case.  This retainer will be set aside in a trust account to cover the cost for your services and is drawn against by Bloomgren Hanson Legal as legal fees are incurred.

At Bloomgren Hanson Legal, we do consider flat fee package rates for “stipulated” divorces and other similar types of cases.  Stipulated cases are cases where the parties have all or most of the matters agreed upon before they seek legal representation.  Flat fee costs typically range from $1200 to $2000 depending on the complexity of your case and the number and type of hearing, if any, required to resolve your case.

If you would like to move forward with your family law matter with Bloomgren Hanson Legal, we ask that you complete the questionnaire below and contact attorney  Katie Hanson or Amanda Bloomgren to arrange your initial consultation.

If you are seeking divorce services from Bloomgren Hanson Legal, use the link below to download the dissolution worksheet which includes all the information necessary to move forward with your divorce.

Katie Hanson and Amanda Bloomgren provide family law services at Bloomgren Hanson Legal.

Download the Dissolution Worksheet Here