When people face life impacting problems and decisions, it is not enough for an attorney to simply solve the problem.  At Bloomgren Hanson Legal, we also believe successful results require empowerment: education about the problem, about the process, and about what result(s) you can expect now and in the future. This is especially true when it comes to matters surrounding families and divorce.

We recently became acquainted with Jennifer Morris, the founder of Daisy Camp, a divorce camp for women. Daisy Camp* is empowerment in action. At Daisy Camp, women facing divorce are provided with the “nuts and bolts” needed to help navigate the divorce process. Jennifer started Daisy Camp after struggling through her own divorce and feeling as though she lacked information and support during the process.  She realized she was not the only one with these feelings and that women facing divorce needed real answers to questions and information they are sometimes even afraid to ask or confront.

Today, Daisy Camp not only provides information and tools about divorce (from the legal to financial aspects), but provides an emotionally safe environment for women facing divorce to connect with others facing similar experiences. This article could go on about the list of experts in their various fields that each Daisy Camp brings in to provide education (lawyers, financial advisors, career counselors, motivational speakers, etc.) But, what Jennifer prefers to talk about and might be the key to the camp’s success: the life long friendships that are made at camp.

If you or a friend or family member are struggling with issues surrounding a pending divorce, check out the Daisy Camp website.  The next Daisy Camp is August 12 – 14th.

* Bloomgren Hanson Legal is not affiliated with Daisy Camp.  We’re just fans of great resources for people seeking good information.