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Basics of Property Ownership Between Spouses

So many folks who I work with on real property (land) matters have at least some confusion about how property ownership generally works, especially between spouses.  Here are some of the issues I see the most often and a basic explanation of the law related to each instance:

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The morality of walking away from your home.

For over a year I’ve been providing clients an hour long “primer” on foreclosure and the risks in walking away from a home that is underwater. What strikes me in almost every case is the client’s strong sense of ethics/values/morals surrounding homeownership and ability/obligation to pay. Brent White, a University...

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How to Buy Property In Foreclosure

The purpose of this article is to provide potential purchasers and investors of properties in foreclosure an overview of the process and suggestions on how to proceed with negotiating your purchase. *This article is not intended to be a comprehensive overview of the laws and rules on foreclosure and only...

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What is a Short Sale?

A home for sale that is reffered to as a “Short Sale” is simply a home for sale that is “under water”. This means there is more owed against the home than it is worth. A short sale seller has recognized that their home is underwater and has pre-negotiated or started negotiations with the bank to allow a sale...

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