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How To Cancel a Contract for Deed

A contract for deed is a form of seller financing where the seller sells real property in exchange for installment payments over time.  In Minnesota, contract for deed transactions are governed by a statutory framework transferring all but an equitable interest in property to the buyer.  The buyer is responsible...

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Basics of Property Ownership Between Spouses

So many folks who I work with on real property (land) matters have at least some confusion about how property ownership generally works, especially between spouses.  Here are some of the issues I see the most often and a basic explanation of the law related to each instance:

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The morality of walking away from your home.

For over a year I’ve been providing clients an hour long “primer” on foreclosure and the risks in walking away from a home that is underwater. What strikes me in almost every case is the client’s strong sense of ethics/values/morals surrounding homeownership and ability/obligation to pay. Brent White, a University...

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