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Funny Legal Bits

Superhero, Inc. or L.L.C. or L.L.L.P.

The main idea behind these articles is to provide normal folks information about law that is applicable to them.  Through an NPR article today, I learned of a blog that takes this concept to a whole new level and provides specific legal information to a group of folks they identify...

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Overdose of the Tiger Mother

This week I’ve read no more than four articles reviewing/flaming/praising Amy Chua’s new book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. One of many conversations with the author can be found here.  For the few of you in dark, Ms. Chua’s premise is that the strict, uncompromising standards of  stereotypical Chinese parents makes children successful....

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A Real Kangaroo Court

Courtesy former law school classmate, Kimberly Larson, and in honor of dear friend, Marie O’Leary, I bring you an article from the Grand Forks Herald about a real kangaroo in court. Click Here to read the entire story. I previously posted recommendations on What Not to Wear in court. File this...

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Legal News of the Weird

I like litigating complicated, sometimes strange legal battles, but this one takes the cake. Have you read about the lawsuit over Ansel Adams’s alleged negatives?  Wow.  I have to say, I am happy not to be on either side of this battle.  My question is:  Who is leading the charge...

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What Not to Wear

Perhaps this should be filed under potentially distrubing legal bits, but yesterday’s New York Times had an article entitled Extreme Makeover: Criminal Edition. I mostly cite the article for human interest and shock value, but the real purpose of my posting is to encourage you cricitically think about what you...

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Too often the law is too funny.

Held: a police officer’s act of pulling up a person’s excessively saggy pants during a constitutionally justified investigative stop is not a search requiring additional justification. “She hoisted his pants presumably to conceal rather than reveal.” State v. Wiggins (Minn. App. 9/14/10).

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