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Child Support in Minnesota

The Minnesota child support statute changed significantly in 2007.  If you were divorced before 2007 and paying child support, your obligation is likely calculated under the “old” system.  If you were divorced after 2007, you are operating under the new system. The new law completely overhauled how child support is calculated. ...

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Divorce Myths: Moving Out-of-State with Children

I recently spoke at a parenting through divorce class and once again, I was asked about the rules of moving out-of-state with a minor child.  There is a big misconception about the rules in Minnesota regarding moving the residence of a minor child. Unless the other parent agrees, you may not move...

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Overdose of the Tiger Mother

This week I’ve read no more than four articles reviewing/flaming/praising Amy Chua’s new book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. One of many conversations with the author can be found here.  For the few of you in dark, Ms. Chua’s premise is that the strict, uncompromising standards of  stereotypical Chinese parents makes children successful....

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Basics of Property Ownership Between Spouses

So many folks who I work with on real property (land) matters have at least some confusion about how property ownership generally works, especially between spouses.  Here are some of the issues I see the most often and a basic explanation of the law related to each instance:

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Divorce Lessons for Children (and Adults)

We all know divorce is difficult and that it is difficult to talk to children about divorce. Here is a link to a simple but good article on the Woman’s Divorce website about lessons from divorce that you can pass on to your kids. The tips focus on respect for both...

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ICMC? SENE? FENE? Is “ENE” of this making sense to you?

For the last few years Hennepin County has followed a unique process for marriage dissolutions.  The process is aimed at trying to expedite courtroom proceedings and minimize the conflict and the expense associated when parties quickly resort to litigating dissolutions.  In the fall of 2010, Carver County, Scott County and Dakota...

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Issues to Consider When Seeking Marriage Dissolution

Deciding to dissolve your marriage is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever encounter.  Marriage dissolution is fraught with emotions. One of the easiest things to do when faced with difficult emotions is to avoid. When proceeding with divorce it is important you do your best to separate your emotions...

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