Amanda Bloomgren and Katie Hanson joined forces in 2011 to bring individuals, families, and small business practical, client focused legal services. 

Throughout a brutal divorce battle, I almost walked away in defeat several times. It seemed like an impossible Catch-22. But Amanda had my back, and she wouldn’t give up. Her amazing skills and strong sense of justice prevailed, and we were able to get a fair settlement. By the time I was ready to hire a lawyer, my trust level was zero. My volatile emotional state was off the charts, and my life was in free-fall. I knew I had a right to claim my share of the property, but I was too exhausted to fight or negotiate any more. I’m forever grateful that I found Amanda. She seems to have a laser-tuned ability to cut to the chase, seeing through manipulations and refusing to get distracted by red herrings. Her legal advice and assistance has been literally life-saving. I don’t know how she does it, but I’ve felt more compassion and support in our very short, business-like correspondences than I’ve felt from many friends. Amanda responds like a real person, respecting me as a real person. With just a few words of understanding, she’ll let me know that she “gets it,” and then move into practical problem-solving action. If you’re looking for a lawyer who cares (for real!) I highly recommend Amanda Bloomgren.

Former Family Law Client

I was in need of an attorney to help me navigate a FSBO real estate transaction, and so I did what I think a lot of people do when finding themselves at a loss, and turned to Google – Typing “real estate attorney near me” resulted in the next step, which is close your eyes and pick one to call. As luck would have it, I chose Katie, and I gave her a call. I got her voicemail, and I ended up leaving a message that could only be described as rambling and confusing. To my surprise, Katie called me back the next day. She asked more than a few questions, as any good attorney will, and we ended up determining the best route to take. She is a very effective and efficient communicator, but what really stood out was her authenticity. If you are in need of an attorney, you could hope for good luck, but I would recommend starting with Katie – You might end up hiring her, or you might not, but at the very least you will have had a nice conversation with a lawyer, and how often can you say that?

Real Estate Client


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