Lakeview Terrace Airbnb Calendar

Purpose of this calendar is to let family know when the Lake is reserved with Airbnb guests and when Lake is reserved with family events. You do not need to schedule normal daily use– if there is not a guest/event we expect family will come and go freely.   If you want to secure time for a specific gathering or friend/family staying please add it to the calendar. 

-Orange Reserved means AIRBNB guests on property.  Orange “Airbnb (not available)” just means that time listed as unavailable on Airbnb– family/friends can fully use the property during these times.   

– Events in blue are family added events.  Birthday parties, etc. 

– When there are Airbnb guests, please stay out of the house and limit the time you are in the yard/garage. If you plan on more than a quick stop in the garage to grab boating stuff, please send Mary or Amanda a text so we can advise guests. 

– If you want to add a family event to the calendar from your calendar, invite to the event and it should auto populate in a few hours. If the time is open for Airbnb guests (no orange) let Amanda or Mary know so we can block the Airbnb calendar too.