Superhero, Inc. or L.L.C. or L.L.L.P.

The main idea behind these articles is to provide normal folks information about law that is applicable to them.  Through an NPR article today, I learned of a blog that takes this concept to a whole new level and provides specific legal information to a group of folks they identify as “Comic Book Nerds”:  LawAndTheMultiverse.  To the Law Nerds and Comic Book Nerds, alike, check it out.  For the rest of you, especially potential small business owners, try this article about what type of entity superhero “agencies” might be.

Why You Shouldn’t Let Google “Diagnose” Your Legal Ailment

I admit, I’m one of those people who self diagnoses medical ailments by inputting the symptoms into Dr. Google. But, even when I am certain I’ve properly diagnosed myself with a strange tropical disease during the dead of Minnesota winter, I get a second opinion from my real doctor. I question if people are as careful when they consult with Google, Esq.?  You should be.  And I learned why tonight.

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Post Apocalyptic Legal Manual?

Movies of the zombie/post apocalypse genre seem to be popping up everywhere, especially in today’s terrorism high alert society.  Unfortunately, planning for such events (hopefully not actual zombies) is an all true reality. Today, I came across this article of excerpts from NY City’s own doomsday legal manual.  I wish I could properly categorize this under “Funny Legal Bits.”

Workplace Confidentiality (Or Lack Thereof)

A recent California Court of Appeals case determined that an email sent by an attorney to his client’s work email address was not privileged like typical private communication between an attorney and a client would be.  The decision states in part:

[T]he e-mails sent via company computer under the circumstances of this case were akin to consulting her lawyer in her employer’s conference room, in a loud voice, with the door open, so that any reasonable person would expect that their discussion of her complaints about her employer would be overheard.

The non-lawyer readers of this site probably care little about the attorney client privilege issue, but I would caution you to think again about the main issue brought up by this case: confidentiality within the workplace. Continue reading “Workplace Confidentiality (Or Lack Thereof)”

Congratulations Waconia Mock Trial

I had the pleasure of watching the Waconia High School mock trial team tear up Farmington during their second round at the U of M Invitational today.  I attorney coach the team with fellow MHS attorney, Tim Looby. We didn’t fair so well against our first opponent, Breck (past national champions).  But, overall we did well, learned a lot and one of our attorneys even won an award for a perfect score from the judges!

Replay: How to Interview a Prospective Attorney

I published this post on How to Interview a Prospective Attorney less than a month ago.  This evening, I am presenting at a parenting through divorce class and using it as a handout.  Since I’ve had quite a few new readers to My General Counselor in the past few days, I thought it might be appropriate to repost the article.  In my opinion it is one of the most helpful posts I have written.  We all play “Google Expert” by trying to diagnose our legal, physical, mental (is that last one just me?) problems through internet “research.”  That is what Wikipedia is for, right? But, when the day comes to actually hire an expert,  two tips: 1) do it sooner than you think and 2) be prepared to do it right.

My Name is Changed, Now What?

 A few of my recently married friends and I were chatting about my recent name change post. They had questions not about how to complete a name change, but what to do after. Do you need a new birth certificate? (No) A new social security card? (Yes) Driver’s License? (Yes) Which do you get first? (See more after the jump)

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Small Businesses: Manage Your Online Reputation

With all this talk about social networking, we sometimes forget (or fail to learn in the first place) the basics with respect to social media and online content management. Here is a link to a New York Times article from the summer of 2009 with some simple steps to manage your online presence.  This is especially applicable to small businesses, but is also relevant to individuals with a substantial online presence.  Be sure to check out the Quick Tips.  Do you have Google Alerts set for yourself or your company? If not, check it out and take the first step in managing your on line reputation.

How to Interview a Prospective Attorney

When you hire an attorney, you should hire the right attorney.  Depending on the reason you need legal services, your attorney may be someone you talk with and interact with on almost a daily basis.  Not only do you want great legal services, you need someone you work well with.  Do not be afraid to ask a prospective attorney questions.  They should be willing to give you straight answers.  If they can’t or they won’t, move on. Here are a short list of questions and issues to address with any prospective attorney:

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