Cleaning up Your Criminal Record (Expungement)

Anybody can make a mistake or have a momentary lapse in judgment. But when this lapse in judgment results in arrest, criminal charges or a criminal conviction it can haunt you for a long time,¬†especially when a prospective employer is seeking to conduct a criminal background check.¬† There is, however, a legal remedy available to limit the negative effects of the records relating to these incidents under certain circumstances: Expungement. Continue reading “Cleaning up Your Criminal Record (Expungement)”

Dealing with the Police

If you are arrested by the police: You have the right to remain silent; you do not have to talk to the police. You may ask for a lawyer at any time. If you are a minor, you should ask for your parents. If you ask for a lawyer, the police must stop talking to you until the lawyer is present. It is a smart idea to answer simple questions regarding your name and address to show the police that you are not dangerous. ¬†Also you should: Continue reading “Dealing with the Police”