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Child Support in Minnesota

The Minnesota child support statute changed significantly in 2007.  If you were divorced before 2007 and paying child support, your obligation is likely calculated under the “old” system.  If you were divorced after 2007, you are operating under the new … Continue reading

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Superhero, Inc. or L.L.C. or L.L.L.P.

The main idea behind these articles is to provide normal folks information about law that is applicable to them.  Through an NPR article today, I learned of a blog that takes this concept to a whole new level and provides … Continue reading

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Why You Shouldn’t Let Google “Diagnose” Your Legal Ailment

I admit, I’m one of those people who self diagnoses medical ailments by inputting the symptoms into Dr. Google. But, even when I am certain I’ve properly diagnosed myself with a strange tropical disease during the dead of Minnesota winter, … Continue reading

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Post Apocalyptic Legal Manual?

Movies of the zombie/post apocalypse genre seem to be popping up everywhere, especially in today’s terrorism high alert society.  Unfortunately, planning for such events (hopefully not actual zombies) is an all true reality. Today, I came across this article of … Continue reading

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Are you “cra-zay” to consider seller financing to get your home sold?

In the current hey day of tightened lending standards, parties to real estate transactions are becoming increasingly clever in trying to close real estate transactions. More often I am working with sellers who are being asked to and who are also willing … Continue reading

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Home Owners Associations: Getting Paid During Foreclosure

When a home falls into foreclosure, quite often the homeowner quits paying home owner’s association (HOA) dues long before a bank takes over the property and long before a new owner resumes paying regular monthly dues.   What happens to … Continue reading

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Some Inspiration With Your Morning Coffee

The Minneapolis Star Tribune posted this article about a former law school classmate, Mike Hanson.  Mike recently succeeded in traveling the Appalachian Trail solo.  The remarkably cool part, he did it while being guided by voice GPS—Mike has been blind since … Continue reading

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Divorce Myths: Moving Out-of-State with Children

I recently spoke at a parenting through divorce class and once again, I was asked about the rules of moving out-of-state with a minor child.  There is a big misconception about the rules in Minnesota regarding moving the residence of a … Continue reading

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Hiring an Attorney: Small Business Edition

I wrote a post a while back that focused on how to interview a prospective attorney.  I admit, when I drafted the article I had individual clients in mind, not business clients.  I recently came across this article from the … Continue reading

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Workplace Confidentiality (Or Lack Thereof)

A recent California Court of Appeals case determined that an email sent by an attorney to his client’s work email address was not privileged like typical private communication between an attorney and a client would be.  The decision states in … Continue reading

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